Thief"s handbocool bracelets made with rubber bandsok causes a stir online

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The thief records investigations into surrounding communities and public transport on his notebook. [Photo provided to]

A thief"s handbook, detailing shoplifting strategies, went viral on Chinese social media after Chengdu police made the crime guidelines public.

In the handbook, the thief recorded details of crime scenes, investigations into surrounding communities and public transport, and also penned ways to improve his stealing techniques.

"Currently, my main focus is to successfully steal things and get away. The first step is to take the money. Safety issues will be taken into consideration in the long term," he wrote in the handbook. "I will change my old habit of working by fits and starts. I will avoid being indolent," he added.

The thief records shoplifting strategies on his notebook. [Photo provided to]

Chinese social media users were impressed by the thief"s good handwriting and diligence.

"It seems that the thief has a better New Year plan than I do," said a Weibo user named Yuyuyu. Many also expressed dismay that "the good notes were wasted on wrongful deeds".

Qiu Weiyi contributed to this story.

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