Shanghai adin memory of wristbandsviser calls for introduction of parent care leave

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The elderly in the seniors" home at Laoximen community, Shanghai, gather together and enjoy Chongyang cakes made by children. [Photo by Yang Yi/For China Daily]

Shanghai residents who are the only child in the family should be given leave to take care of their elderly parents, according to a political adviser.

During the ongoing annual session of the Shanghai Committee of the Chinese People"s Political Consultative Conference, Lu Huiwen, principal of Shanghai Xiehe Education Group, suggested that the city offer caregiver medical leave for residents who have no siblings and have parents aged over 75.

"The first generation of the only child born in the 1970s in China need government and social support in taking care of the elderly, as most of their parents have become seniors between 70 and 80 years old," Lu, also a member of the Shanghai People"s Political Consultative Conference, was quoted as saying by local news portal

According to media reports, more than a dozen areas in China, including provinces such as Fujian, Hubei and Heilongjiang, have set up pilot programs to grant paid caregiver medical leave. Some companies are even offering more than 20 days of such leave for employees.

"Shanghai, as a fast-growing city, should set an appropriate number of days and preconditions for caregiver leave," said Lu.

She suggested that the city could consider giving those who are single child up to 10 days of paid leave to take care of their parents aged 75 or above. If the leave cannot be approved by the employer, the company should then cover the cost required to hire professional caregivers.

She also suggested that employees submit paperwork to prove their parents" medical conditions in order to apply for the leave.

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